How to Start Selling Cars on with a Dealers License is another excellent resource for marketing your vehicle inventory. It is one of the largest free classified websites available on the internet and selling cars on Craigslist if very easy.

Where eBay is a national marketing place, Craigslist tends to target your marketing to certain geographic areas. Although you can target the sale of your vehicle to these areas, you may find customers from all over the country that are looking for the type of vehicle that you are offering.

My experience with Craigslist has been very consistent. It seems like I rarely receive top dollar for a vehicle I have sold on Craigslist, but I sell almost every vehicle I place on Craigslist very quickly. I have also purchased several vehicles on Craigslist for much less than retail value and resold these vehicles on my lot for a profit. I have received consistently higher prices for my vehicles sold on Craigslist than at a dealer auction. So you might want to try to sell your vehicle on Craigslist before taking it to a dealer auction.

One thing to be aware of, I find that you deal with a lot more "tire kickers" on Craigslist than eBay.

To sell your vehicle on Craigslist, just follow these simple step by step instructions:

Go to

Click on “Sign Up” or “My Account”
Type in your email address
Then type in the provided verification word
You will then be emailed an account verification
Check your email and click on the link to Craigslist
This process verifies your email
That is it, you know have a user account on Craigslist
Now go back to
Click on “post to classifieds”
Then click on the “log in to your account” at the top of the screen
Enter your email and password
Now scroll down and select the “for sale” link
Select “cars & trucks by dealer (Remember, Missouri law requires you to advertise as a dealer after you obtain a Missouri Dealers License)
Enter a description of your vehicle in the “Posting Title”
Enter a price and the location of the vehicle
Check whether or not you want your email address to show in your add. Most sellers choose to anonymize
Enter an extensive vehicle description
Now click on the “Add/Edit Images” button
Click on the “Browse” button
Now locate the pictures on your computer by clicking “Desktop” then click on “Car Pictures” and repeat the process to add up to four pictures for your listing
Click the “Continue” button
Now wait while the pictures are uploaded to Craigslist
This may take a few minutes
On the next page you will see an overview of your ad, if it looks good, click on the “Continue” button
You will then see another security page that will ask you to type in a security word.
Your ad will then go live in about 15 minutes and a copy of your ad will be sent to your email address

When selling your vehicles on the internet, always be sure you have received full payment for your vehicle before shipping. Some customers may ask for you to take a small deposit on the vehicle, ship the vehicle to them, then pay you the balance after it is delivered. In this scenario, your customer may decide not to pay the remainder and tell you to “come get it”. It would then be up to you to have the vehicle shipped back to your dealership at your expense. Never, ever ship a vehicle until you have received full payment.

Good Luck Selling Cars on Craiglist

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