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Utah Dealers Licenses are regulated by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles in Salt Lake City, Utah.

To obtain an Utah Dealer License, you can call the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles at 801-297-2600 or contact to the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles at:

Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division
210 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84134

Download Utah Dealer Application
Step by step Utah Dealer Licensing Instructions
Utah Business Tax Registration
Utah Dealer Training

I want to show you some valuable contact information for Utah Dealers, Utah dealers are regulated by the Utah Motor vehicle enforcement division
Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division
210 N 1950 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84134
I want you go in depth in the 6 Steps to an Utah Dealers License
Step Number 1 Dealer Surety Bond and Insurance
The State of Utah requires you to obtain a $75,000 dealer surety bond before you can obtain your Utah dealers license bond must be a surety bond eecuted by an insurance or bonding company authorized to do business in Utah, and you must submit the original with good credit you bond will cost about 300 to 400 dollars a year

2-Obtain FEIN & Utah Sales Ta #
You must apply for a Utah sales tax ID number before you apply for your Utah Dealer License, click here for the Utah Sales Tax Application.
You can also quickly and easily get your Federal Tax ID number the IRS website at www.irs.gov
Applying for your Tax ID Number is free, just takes a few moments and can be done at the IRS Federal Employment ID Number page

Step 3 Background check
You will need an FBI Background check in order to obtain a Utah Dealers License
Click here to get started.

Step 4-Building & Lot
You must have a building for your Utah dealers license. Your business building must be a permanent enclosed building owned or leased by you, The established place of business must be devoted mainly to the operation of your dealership
You must have display area for at least 3 vehicles You must have permanent sign at least 24 square feet, the sign must be permanent in nature, and you will need to submit photographs of your office, lot, and sign.

Step 5, Attend a Dealer Class
You must attend a dealer training class in Utah , click here for a list of Utah Dealer Trainers

Sonja Jorgensen
Phone: 801-347-5405
Email: sjorgensenlaw@gmail.com

Phone: 801-716-1771
Email: easymved@gmail.com

Phone: 435-764-1737
Email: support@mvedutah.com

Phone: 801-919-6384
Email: ryan@mved.org or info@mved.org

Step 6 Submit your Utah Dealer License Application to the Utah Motor Vehicle commission in order to obtain your Utah Dealers license

Then you will place all the docs into one big envelope with a few stamps and mail it to:
Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division
210 N 1950 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84134
www.mved.utah.gov  When you submit your application correctly you should receive your Utah Dealers license in about 30 days.

Once you obtain your Utah dealers license you must display the license prominently, you are going to work hard to obtain your Utah dealers license, you are going to be proud when you obtain your Utah dealers license, Utah law requires that you display your dealers license prominently when it is granted, don’t shove it in some desk drawer, or lock in in a vault, frame your official Utah dealers license and display it on the wall, all Utah dealers licenses must be displayed prominently.

Good Luck In Obtaining Your Utah Dealer License!

We are here to help you obtain a Dealer's License and maintain your Dealership Compliance!

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