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The Automobile Dealer Training Association is approved by the State of Ohio to provide your Ohio Used Dealer Pre-License Training. Take Training Online or In Class

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We can provide your state mandated Ohio Used Dealer Pre-License Course at a location near you or you may take the course online 24/7. Start and stop the course at your conveniance..

Ohio dealer training can be taken online, 24/7. To obtain an Ohio Dealer License, you can call the Automobile Dealer Training Association at 800-369-2467 to set up your State mandated training course or visit for more information. We are approved by the State of Ohio to provide your state mandated dealer pre-license class. You may view an Ohio Dealer Class schedule here or you can take a look at the Ohio dealer class topics here.

This class is amazing! I have really learned to take my business to another level. Michael Griffith-Cincinnati, Ohio

Or you may contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section at:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Dealer Licensing Section
P.O. Box 16521
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521

Ohio Dealers License Steps

Take Dealer Training Course

In order to obtain an Ohio Dealer License you must take a 6 hour training course. You can take the course online or in class. If would like to take the 6 hour course online, you can click here. To view a schedule of the classes that are held in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, or Dayton you can view the class schedule at

Complete Ohio Dealer License Application

You must complete and Ohio dealer license application in order to obtain an Ohio dealers license. You can download the application by following the link below:

We will complete an Ohio Used Dealer License Application in your Ohio Dealer Training Class. Correct Dealer License Applications will ensure quicker license approval. Sign Up Here

Great course. Great instructor. 5 Stars. Nikola Dobrijevic-Parma Heights, Ohio

Business Building

You must have a place of business to be used solely for the purpose of selling motor vehicles. It must be physically separated from any other business or residence with a permanent barrier which cannot be moved. You must have a permanent office in the building that has at least 180 square feet. The office must be kept clean and organized. Your office must include a desk, three chairs and at least one filing cabinet. The office must have permanent lighting, electrical service, ventilation, heating and may never become a storage area. You must also have a working landline or cellular telephone that is answered in the dealership name. Be sure to post the phone number prominently so your customers can see it. If you ever change your telephone number you must notify the Ohio Motor Vehicle Bureau in writing. The Ohio Motor Vehicle Bureau requires your business meet all local zoning requirements. Be sure to check your local zoning ordinances to ensure an automotive business is allowed at the location you have chosen for your dealership. We will discuss more building requirements in your Ohio dealer class.

Class was very informative & helpful. Great Instructor. Didn't waste time. David Mihalick-Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Dealer Display Lot

Your your Ohio dealership display lot must be at least 3500 square feet. You must keep your retail vehicles separate from any vehicles you are holding to sell wholesale. It also needs to have a hard surface such as gravel or concrete. A grassy area does not qualify as a display lot. You must separate your display lot from any other business or residence with a non movable barrier such as a cement parking barrier. We will discuss your lot requirements in your Ohio dealer license class.

Business Sign and Photographs

You must have a permanent business sign with your Ohio dealer name prominently displayed. Your dealership name must be in 6 inch high or larger letters. Your Ohio dealer license application must also include a photograph of your display lot, separation from any other business or residence, inside & outside of your office, business sign, posted business hours, posted business phone, and your expanded display lot if applicable. You can email the photographs to  in JPG format or enclose the photographs in your dealer application packet. If emailing the photos, be sure to include your dealership name and the name of your county in the subject of the email. An iPhone, Android phone, any smart phone, or digital camera can be used to create your JPG photographs. Failing to send the photographs can cause significant delays in the application process. The dealership must be staffed during the hours of operation by an owner, a licensed sales person, a partner, or other corporate officer. We will discuss the photograph requirement in your dealer class.

Worth every penny. Well instructed. Alan Hale-Iberea, Ohio

How to Get an Ohio Dealer License

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle requires Ohio's dealers to have a net worth of  $75,000. It is very easy to estimate your net worth. Just add up all of your assets then subtract your liabilities. The State of Ohio wants to ensure each dealer is financially secure before being issued an Ohio Dealers License.

Apply for Vendor Number

You must apply for an Ohio Vendor Number. This is required so you may collect Ohio sales tax on the vehicles you sell. We will show you how to apply for an Ohio Vendor Number in your dealer class. We will also show you how to easily compute the sales tax to charge your customer and how to pay your collected sales tax to the state. Please read what other dealers are saying about our Ohio dealer training course by reading the Dealer Class Reviews.

Salespersons License

Ohio requires each salesperson employed by an Ohio dealership to be licensed by the State. You can find the Ohio Salesperson application by clicking on the link below:

Licensing your salespeople if very easy to do. We will cover Ohio Salesperson Licensing extensively in your class.

I really enjoyed the dealer training, time flew by and it was fun, also, I learned alot. Gary Roscoe Jr.-Toledo, Ohio


You must obtain a fingerprint background criminal investigation before the State of Ohio will approve your dealer license application. They want to ensure they are not granting a dealer license to anyone that has been involved in automotive, sales tax, or financial crimes. To find the nearest location to obtain your official Ohio dealer license fingerprinting just visit

Register with Ohio Secretary of State

You will find out if you are required to file registration paperwork in your Ohio dealer training class. For an overview of all class topics read our Dealer Class Topics section.

I now feel confident and well informed about the car dealing business. Kirstian Fells-Cleveland, Ohio

Dealer Training Class

Any person obtaining an Ohio Used Dealer license must attend a mandatory 6 hour training course. The Automobile Dealer Training Assoication is approved by the State of Ohio to provide your dealer pre-license training. The courwse can be taken online or in class. Classes are held in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. Visit for to find an Ohio Dealer License Class near you.

Dealer Lot Inspection

After you receive your Ohio Dealer License you will have your lot inspected by a BMV Inspector Personel. This is a quick painless inspection to make sure you have met all the lot guidelines. We will go over this procedure in your dealer class. 

Mail Ohio Dealer License Application Packet to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Dealer Licensing Section
P.O. Box 16521
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521

Application for Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer License
Salesperson Application
Leasing Dealer Application
Background Check Instructions
Salvage License Application
Watercraft/ATV Dealer Application

Questions? Call us at 800-369-2467 so we may help you gain your Ohio Dealer License. Good Luck In Obtaining Your Ohio Dealer License!

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