Georgia Dealer License

7 Steps to a Georgia Dealers License

1. Attend 4-Hour Dealer Class, Locations Throughout Georgia, No Test Required

2. Building With Lot (No Lot Required for Brokers)

3. Insurance and Dealer Bond From Insurance Agent (Covered In Dealer Class)

4. Obtain Sales Tax and Employment ID Number (Covered In Dealer Class)

5. Register With Secretary of State (Covered In Dealer Class)

6. Obtain Local Business License (Covered In Dealer Class)

7. Get Fingerprints (Covered In Dealer Class)

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How to Get a Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License

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Georgia Dealers Licenses are regulated by the Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers in Macon, Georgia.

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Fingerprinting Background Check

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Dealers License in Georgia Podcast

Dealer Surety Bond

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How to Get a Dealer License for Georgia Car Auctions Podcast

Georgia Dealer Garage Insurance

Photograph of Your Business

Telephone Requirement

Georgia Sales Tax License

Submit Secure and Verifiable document

Zoning Certification

Georgia Dealer Educational Seminar

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Georgia Dealer License Training Course Schedule

Be sure to include your certificate of completion provided by your dealer educational provider in your Georgia Dealer License application packet.

Pay Georgia Dealer License Fees

You may  call 478-207-2440 to verify the current dealer license fees. Incorrect fees could delay the granting of your dealers license by several weeks. Be sure to enclose payment for the correct dealer license fee.

Mail in Georgia Dealer License Application Packet

If you want to obtain an Georgia Dealers license all you need to do is obtain a dealer surety bond and insurance from an insurance agency, obtain a Federal Tax ID & Georgia Sales Tax License, have your fingerprints taken, have a building and lot, sit through a 4 hour training course, then submit a Georgia Dealer License application to the Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Division
Georgia Dealers, Georgia dealers are regulated by the Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Division
Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Division
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 3121

Licensing Boards Division

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How to Complete a Georgia Dealer License Application

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There are several types of dealers licenses in Georgia, here are the different type of Georgia dealer licenses you have:

New Motor Vehicle Dealer
Used Motor Vehicle Dealer
Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer
Supplemental License
Motor Vehicle Broker

I want you go in depth in the 6 Steps to an Georgia Dealers License

Step Number 1 Dealer Surety Bond and Insurance
You must obtain a dealer surety bond and insurance in order to obtain an Georgia dealers license. I always recommend this as the first step in obtaining a Georgia dealers license. The cost of a dealer surety bond is based on your credit score and the cost of your insurance is based upon your driving record. I am often asked what it costs to obtain a Georgia dealers license and I can never answer that question accurately because the total cost will depend on your credit score and your driving record.
The State of Georgia requires you to obtain a $35,000 dealer surety bond in order to be granted a Georgia dealers license, is the bond going to cost you $35,000, of course not, with good credit you should be spending about 150 to 250 dollars a year for your bond, your insurance company will normally send you an invoice every year or every other year. If you have a couple of blemishes on your credit score, the price of your bond can increase dramatically. The bond must be a surety bond eecuted by an insurance or bonding company authorized to do business in Georgia,
You will need a $35,000 dealer surety bond if you are selling used motor vehicles and would only need a $10,000 dealer surety bond if you are only selling used motor vehicle parts
a. Bond must epire on March 31 of even years.
b. Bond must be in eact name of the business.
c. Bond must be an original and have “power of attorney” attached.
d. Bond must be signed and you should keep a copy for your files.
e. NOTE: A separate Bond is required for each licensed location. A power of attorney must be attached to the bond.
The bond must be signed by the individual, all partners (if a partnership) or one corporate officer (if incorporated). Bonds may not be handwritten and must contain all required signatures and an embossed stamp, seal or sticker.
You must also obtain a special insurance policy before the State of Georgia will allow you to have a dealers license. Your insurance policy pricing will be dependent on your driving record so if you have a really bad driving record, you might pay a lot more for your insurance. You must also obtain an insurance policy that will cover the vehicles that are in your inventory. The State of Georgia requires every vehicle driven on any roadway in the state to have insurance, including the vehicles in your inventory when they are being test driven by your customers.
You also need to obtain a dealer garage policy with not less than $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident, personal injury liability and $25,000 property damage liability,
An ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE on an Acord Form (provided by insurance agency) indicating: a. Policy number
b. Limit Amounts – minimum of 50K/100K/25K, or single limit of $125,000 (GARAGE LIABILITY COVERAGE must be shown; AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY ONLY will not be accepted)
c. “Location” on certificate must show eact name and address as shown on application.
d. “Certificate Holder” must be State Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA. 31217

Step 2-Federal Tax ID Number and Georgia Sales Ta number
Before you apply for a Georgia dealers license you must obtain a Federal Tax ID Number and a Georgia Sales Ta number.

Step 3 Fingerprints
When you easily obtain your fingerprints, you are automatically have a background check conducted. The State of Georgia requires dealers to be of a higher ethical standard than the average person walking down the street. Very soon you will have oversight over very large financial transactions. Most of the vehicles you sell with your dealers licenses will be worth several thousands of dollars. This are very large financial transactions that the State of Georgia is allowing you complete oversight. So, before the State of Georgia approves your dealers license, they want to make sure you never rolled back odometers, they want to make sure you have never stolen a car, the State of Georgia wants to make sure they are not giving a dealers license to someone that was managing some auto theft ring. As I stated a moment ago, the state of Georgia requires dealer to be high ethical standards so you a background check will be ran on you when you obtain your mandatory fingerprints.
Before I show you how to get started, we will have to register for an fingerprint appointment online and pay for the fingerprints in advance. So in other words, you will go online, schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken, and pay for the fingerprints in advance using a website called Gemalto. IF you have any questions regarding your fingerprints, or want to schedule your fingerprint by phone you can call 1-888-439-2512.
If you live in another state but are obtaining a dealers license in Georgia, you will need to request a fingerprint card so you can get your fingerprints taken in your home state.
Let’s take a look at this process, and once again I am going to magnify the screen shots so you can see a little better, and for just a few brief moments, you will not have to look at my head, lucky you!
After you have completed those steps you will be able to have your

First magnify the application so you can see it a little better

Step 4-Fingerprints
In order to be granted an Georgia dealers license you must pass a background cheick that is conducted when you obtain your fingerprints. Each partner and each applicant who owns 20% or more of the dealership and when obtaining a dealers license for the first time must provide a personal history form and fingerprint card to enable the State to conduct a criminal records check.
Step 4-Building & Lot
You must have a building for your Georgia dealers license. Your business building must be a permanent enclosed building owned or leased by you, The established place of business must be devoted mainly to the operation of your dealership
A dealer may use a trailer as you building but state law requires you to remove the wheels.
Whether you are a retail dealer , broker, or a wholesale dealer you must meet local zoning requirements. You can contact the city hall or county court house’s planning a zoning division to ensure the location you want to use as your dealership meets all local zoning requirements for an Georgia Dealers license. Applicants should contact their local city or county office to ensure compliance with local zoning ordinances.
The dealer shall conduct business in a building on the same property as the display lot. If the dealer is a used car broker, and will not display an inventory of vehicles for sale, the requirements of this rule for an established place of business shall still be met, with the eception of the display area for vehicles. That would be for brokers. All sales activity must take place at the lot, you cannot sell vehicles away from the lot unless you are selling vehicles at a dealer auction

You must also have also have installed and maintain a working land line telephone whose number shall be listed in the licensee's trade name, the same as that which is listed in the application and in any advertising. You must also erect and maintain a permanent sign. The sign shall list the trade name of the dealer, the same as that which is listed in the application and in any advertisement by the dealer. If the telephone number is listed on the sign, it shall be the phone number listed in the application and in any advertisement by the dealer.
The sign must be professionally designed on permanent material, and the lettering applied on the sign shall be a minimum of si inches in height. At least one sign must be located and positioned to be clearly visible to consumers from the street. Signs painted on the building, or on the door or window of the building are allowed, as long as the painted sign meets local ordinances a
A used motor vehicle dealer may operate from an office suite in an office comple, provided that the facility meets all the critera required by State law.
Georgia dealers may operate from a residential address, as long as local ordinances allow a dealership in a residential area. The requirement for an appropriate permanent sign must be met at the location. The office of the used motor vehicle dealer shall be a separate building that is detached from the residence.
All Georgia dealer applications must be include non-returnable photograph or photographs which shall be maintained as a permanent part of the application. The photograph or photograph must show the inside and outside of the building, along with the official sign.

Step 5- 4 Hour License Class
Georgia State law requires any person obtaining a Georgia dealers license for the first time to attend a 4 hour pre-license class.

AsThe Automobile Dealer Training Association is approved to provide your 4-hour dealer pre-license course. Dealer classes are held in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta. You will be able to find a location near you. There is no test in the course but the State law requires you sit through the entire course. Just click the link below to find a Georgia Dealer Pre-License Course near you:

Step 6-Complete Application
The final step you need to do to obtain an Georgia dealers license is to complete an Georgia dealer license application in it’s entirety.
If you make mistakes on the application it will be returned, so you want to spend some time and ensure there are not mistakes on the application.
A separate application must be submitted for each type of license, entity change, change location or name change, branch or subsequent dealer license.
If there is a change in business entity, after you become a licensed dealer, a new application must be submitted with all applicable paperwork, including a new bond and a new dealer license number will be assigned.
You can download your application at the, lets take a look at an Georgia dealers license application: once again I want to magnify the screen shots and once again you will have a brief respite from looking at my head.

Once you obtain your Georgia dealers license you must display the license prominently, you are going to work hard to obtain your Georgia dealers license, you are going to be proud when you obtain your Georgia dealers license, Georgia law requires that you display your dealers license prominently when it is granted, don’t shuve it in some desk drawer, or lock in in a vault, frame your official Georgia dealers license and display it on the wall, all Georgia dealers licenses must be displayed prominently

Be sure to include the following documents with your Georgia dealer license application:
Dealer Surety Bond & Insurance
Dealer Seminar Certificate
Copy of Sales Ta License
Fingerprints Processed
Photographs of Inside, Outside of Building & Sign
Check or Money Order For License Fees

Then you will mail your dealer application to the following address
Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Division
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 3121

If you have questions you can call the Licensing Boards Division at

When you submit your application correctly you should receive your Georgia Dealers license in about 30 days.

Georgia Law requires that all dealers license are displayed prominently, you are going to work hard to obtain your dealers license, you are going to be proud when you receive your Georgia dealers license, so don’t throw the dealers license in the back of some drawer or lock it in a vault, display your dealers license prominently, this is Georgia

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If you have any questions concerning the application process for a Georgia dealers license, please contact the Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Division at 478-207-1460.

Georgia Bond Information
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Good Luck In Obtaining Your Georgia Dealer License!

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