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To obtain a Delaware dealer license you need a $25,000 Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and the "Obligee" must be the State of Delaware, Division of Revenue

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Delaware Dealers Licenses are granted by the State of Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles in Dover, Delaware.

1. The first step in obtaining a Delaware Dealer License is to complete Application for Delaware Dealership License (Form MV29) that includes a criminal history background check and a Signature Authorization (Form MV26) before the State of Connecticut will issue a Connecticut dealer license.
2. If you are going to incorporate your Delware dealership, you must include the Delware Corporation Documents with your dealer license application paperwork.
3. You must include a copy of your Delaware drivers license with your dealer license application.
3. It is highly recommended that you contact the Division of Motor Vehicles to ensure the business name that you want to use is available.
4. You will need to have an office your dealership for the storage of records.
5. You must have a sign on your building that is at least 24" x 36" showing the name of the dealership
6. You must have a  display lot that can display at least 5 or more vehicles.
7. You must also have a landline telephone installed in your dealership office.
8. Dealers must submit proof of insurance. Delaware dealers will need a dealer garage policy at minimum. .
9. Must obtain a Delaware personal criminal history from the Delaware State Bureau of Identification.
10. You must obtain a $25,000 Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and the "Obligee" must be the State of Delaware, Division of Revenue. We can submit your Delaware Dealer Surety Bond Quote to over 30 carriers for the best bond pricing.

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If you have questions on how to get an Delaware Dealer License, you can call the State of Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles at 302-744-2539 or you may write them at:

Division of Motor Vehicles
303 Transportation Circle
P.O. Box 698
Dover, Delaware 19903

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