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To obtain a Connecticut dealer license you need a $60,000 Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and the "Obligee" must be the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

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Connecticut Dealers Licenses are granted by the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles Wethersfield, CT.

The first step in obtaining a Connecticut Dealer License is to have your dealership location approved. It is very important that you take this first step in the CT dealer licensing process. You will need to contact a zoning official or Fire Marshall in the city that your dealership will be located in. You must get your location's zoning approved as the first step in obtaining your Connecticut d license.

Next you must obtain fingerprints from the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. You can contact them via email at if you have questions on your fingerprints. You will be completing a Privacy Rights form when you obtain your fingerprints. This process just ensures that you are a person of high ethical standards.

The State of Connecticut wants you to submit a drawing of your dealership layout before your dealer license is approved. The drawing must be on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. This shows the State what your dealership looks like.

If you have a repair facility you must submit a Waste Oil Disposal Certificate letter. If you do not have a repair facility you can apply for a waiver of this form. This certificate must be obtained from a waste oil transporter that is approved and registered with the CT Department of Environmental Protection. The certificate must list name and address of the dealership or repairer. The Dealership or repairer shop must have a waste oil retention tank with a minimum capacity of 250 gallons.

You will need to obtain what is known as a Trade Name Certificate from your city. This Certificate shows the State of Connecticut that you are operating legally in your town or city. This form must by signed by your City or Town clerk. Just stop in your city hall and ask for the office that handle zoning. They will be glad to assist you.

Obtain a Connecticut Sales Tax Permit. You can easily obtain a Connecticut Sales Tax Permit form the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue. Click here for a direct link to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Sale Tax Permit Application Page. This will allow you to legally charge sales tax on the motor vehicles you sell. This is an easy process that is handled by the many Dealer Management Software programs used by Connecticut Dealers.

The State of Connecticut requires every vehicle being driven on any roadway to be fully insured including the vehicles that you hold for sale and are being test driven by your customers. An orginal Form R1325e must be submitted with your Connecticut dealer license application. This form should be provided by your insurance agent. You must be insured as a dealer at all times, even if you do not currently have an vehicles in your inventory. 

You must have a display lot with room for at least 2 motor vehicles. The display lot must be the same address as your business building and must meet local zoning requirements. Your retail sales activity will need to take place at the licensed location only. The State of Connecticut does not allow retail sales activity away from the licensed dealership location.

Connecticut dealers are allowed up to 3 dealer license plates. You are required to submit yoru insurance form R1325e even if you do not order dealer license plates.

Connecticut Used Motor Vehicle Dealers are requiered to display the following signs at the licensed location:

Lemon Law (Auto Dispute
Program) signs must be posted
in the service area
Dealer Conveyance Fee Sign
Customer Rights Sign
Labor and Storage Sign

All dealers must obtain a $60,000 dealer surety bond. Your bond prices is determined by your credit score. To obtain a Connecticut dealer license you need a $60,000 Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and the "Obligee" must be the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. We can send your bond quote to over 30 bond carriers to help you obtain the cheapest Connecticut Dealer Surety Bond based on your credit score. Just click here for your free CT Dealer Surety Bond Quote

When you have completed the steps above you can mail all your paperwork to:

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Dealers & Repairers Division
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

If have any questions about obtaining a Connecticut Dealer License you can call the Dealers Division at 860-263-5056. They are only open 8:00AM to 1:00PM Monday through Friday.

Here is a list of Connecticut Dealer License forms:

CT Dealer Vehicle Inspection Form
Out of State VIN Form
Connecticut Marine Dealer License Application
Salvage Inspection Information
Transportation Registration Application
Connecticut Application for Duplicate Title
Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit
Title Copy Records Request
Listing of Connecticut Dealer Employees
Dealer Authorization to Sign for a Vehicle
Abandoned Motor Vehicle Sale Notification for Connecticut Dealers
Repossession of Vehicle Affidavit
Application for Connecticut Junk Yard License
Connecticut Bill of Sale
Connecticut Dealer Inspection Instructions

To find out how to get an Connecticut Dealer License, you can call the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles at 860-263-5700 or 860-263-5056 or you may write them at:

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Dealers & Repairers Division
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
M-F8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Good Luck In Obtaining Your Connecticut Dealer License!

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