Ohio Dealer License

Ohio Dealers Licenses are regulated by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section in Columbus, Ohio.

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To obtain an Ohio Dealer License, you can call the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section at 614-752-7636 or contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Section at:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Dealer Licensing Section
P.O. Box 16521
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521

Complete Ohio Dealer License Application

You must complete and Ohio dealer license application in order to obtain an Ohio dealers license. You can download the application by following the link below:


Business Building

Your business building must be easily accessible from the nearest roadway and clearly identified as a dealership. Your dealership building must have an office of at least 180 square feet. Your office must include a desk, three chairs, and a filing cabinet. Your office must also have sufficient lighting and must be heated as well. You must also have a working telephone that is registered in the Ohio dealer name and answered in the dealership name.

Ohio Dealer Display Lot

Your Ohio dealership display lot must be at least 3500 square feet. It also needs to have a hard surface such as gravel or concrete. A grassy area does not qualify as a display lot. You must separate your display lot from any other business or residence with a non movable barrier such as a cement parking barrier.

Business Sign and Photographs

You must have a permanent business sign with your Ohio dealer name prominently displayed. Your dealership name must be in 6 inch high or larger letters. Your Ohio dealer license application must also include a photograph of your business building, display lot, and business sign. You must also display your hours of operation somewhere on the front of the building. The dealership must be staffed during the hours of operation by an owner, a licensed sales person, a partner, or other corporate officer.

How to Get an Ohio Dealer License

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle requires Ohio's dealers to have a net worth of  $75,000. It is very easy to estimate your net worth. Just add up all of your assets then subtract your liabilities. The State of Ohio wants to ensure each dealer is financially secure before being issued an Ohio Dealers License.

Salespersons License

Ohio requires each salesperson employed by an Ohio dealership to be licensed by the State. You can find the Ohio Salesperson application by clicking on the link below:



You must obtain fingerprints before the State of Ohio will approve your dealer license application. They want to ensure they are not granting a dealer license to anyone that has been involved in automotive, sales tax, or financial crimes. Click here to find the nearest location to obtain your official Ohio dealer license fingerprinting:


Dealer Lot Inspection

You will be required to have your lot inspected by an official with Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing section before your dealer license application is approved. Just call the Dealer Licensing section at 614-752-7636 to schedule this quick painless inspection.

Temporary Tags

Click here for Ohio temporary tag instructions:


Mail Ohio Dealer License Application Packet to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Dealer Licensing Section
P.O. Box 16521
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521

Application for Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer License
Salesperson Application
Leasing Dealer Application
Background Check Instructions
Salvage License Application
Watercraft/ATV Dealer Application

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Good Luck In Obtaining Your Ohio Dealer License!

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