Maryland Dealer Bond

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration in Annapolis requires all Maryland automobile dealers to carry a dealer surety bond. The amount of the bond required by the State of Maryland is dependent upon the number of motor vehicles you are predicted to sell. For questions about the minimum Maryland dealer bond requirements for an Maine dealer license, call the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration at 1-800-950-1682.

For a free quote for your Maryland Dealer Bond contact one of the following companies

Bryant Surety Bonds 866-450-3412

Bonds Express 800-331-5453

Integrity Bonds 866-420-2613

Ashton Agency 800-451-4854

Ameribonds 800-995-0997

South Coast Surety Bonds 949-361-1692

AIA Bonds 617-287-0077

Surety Bond Professionals 702-463-7134

JW Surety Bonds 888-592-6631

Wagers Insurance Corporation 816-676-1000

World Wide Insurance Specialists 888-518-8011

Surety One 877-654-2327


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